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Helicopter vs. Airplane Training

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I am currently choosing between helicopter and airplane training. :unsure: I have been on intro-flights for both and enjoy them both. I feel I enjoy the helicopter more though. I was wondering if anyone here has been in this situation of choosing. If it wasnt for the heli training being much more expensive and probably not as good a job outlook I would already have chose the heli training route. So I guess if anyone has any input on why they chose heli training or chose heli over plane would help me out alot. And why you thought the extra cost was worth it.


Thanks :D

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Hi grouser,


This topic has been pretty well gone over on these boards (and fairly recently). Try doing a search or just browsing a bit. Also check out the Training and Articles sections (top of the page). If you don't find the info you want, ask again! Happy hunting.

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Hey Grouser... I've done time both fixed wing and rotor and in my humble opinion I'd choose helicopters! Helicopters are a much bigger challenge and for that alone I'm dying for the chance to finish my license! Time in the sky is priceless though so if you've got the funds do it... either way!

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