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Hi Folks

I am a helicopter flight instructor here in Alaska. Not many helicopter schools here with the exception of Alpine Air in Girdwood. They do both 22 and 44 instruction. You should be able to get their phone number from information or an internet search. They are a good outfit. The owner's name is Keith. Give him a call. He is also a Robinson service center and dealer.


I believe due to the fact that that standard Robinson insurance is not avialable in Alaska, other operations have not been willing or able to get started. So most of us instructors do the training privately -- and there are very few of us doing that.


That all being said it is a great place to train and fly. Each year there are more and more 44s and 22s up here as folks learn they are great machines even in the bush. Nothing like taking students to the top of a glacier for pinnacle landings.


Give Keith a call -- I am sure he would be willing to talk to you.

Also its 45 below zero in Fairbanks today.

take care


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Thanks for your info on training in Alaska. Is there much work in flight instruction at the moment? I have less than 1,000 hours so my options are limited at the moment. I do have my SFAR to instruct in the 22 and 44. I would rather fly less and live in Alaska than fly a ton and live where I am.


Are there any options for me?



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