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A&P Certification


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Hi all! :)



Does anybody know what to do if one wants to convert their A&P Licence to be valid in the US?


I currently hold a ICAO II licence for small F/W, issued by the Norwegian CAA.

I am considering to take CPL-H in the US and, if I do take that kind of training, hopefully work there afterwards as a pilot. It would be nice to be able to maintain aircrafts aswell during my stay in the US.

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I believe you are exempt from the oral and practical portion of the exam but still need to take the multiple choice written (Airframe, engine, & general), but to do this I also think you need a referral from an FAA authorised person.


I obtained my A & P in the states and then converted to HKAR66 B1.1 license in Hong Kong.


You may be able to check with your "local" FAA International Field Office (Germany or England).



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Thanks for the reply klasmartin!


I've found some information on the FAA website: http://www.faa.gov/mechanics/become/basic/


You can also check out http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/



It seems easier to wait until you're actually in the US before one applies for the tests. If you are in a foreign country, you will have to demonstrate that you need a mechanic certificate to maintain U.S.-registered civil aircraft. But if you are living in the US at the time you apply you won't have to demonstrate such a need.


Good thing is that it seems quite a bit easier than expected :)

If anyone has inputs, please share them!

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1. You will need to show 30 months experience in a combination of airframe and powerplant activity.


2. You will need to take a written test.


3. You will need to take a oral/practical test.







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