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Aquila CFII in 90 days. This sounds good but let's be real.

Perhaps 90 days from Commercial/CFI to Instrument/CFII.


Since it takes an absolute minimum of around 155 hours flight time to achieve CFII (and this supposes that you somehow manage to be flying to CFII level at the 150 hours you need to hold a Commercial rating), to do the whole thing (0 to CFII) in 90 days would mean you would have to train for 1.7 hours EVERY day from day 1 to day 90. That's seven days a week, no bad weather or down helicopters allowed, no colds or sick CFIs, checkrides happening right on schedule.


Here's the reality - it takes time to learn. Cramming doesn't work in this realm. People who fly twice a day don't learn twice as fast. People also almost NEVER do things to the minimums, and since you need a minimum of 200 hours to be a CFI at most schools, there's no benefit (or enhanced reputation) to having gotten to CFII in 160 hours instead of 190 hours - you'll still need to get to 200 (and in more than a few places 300) hours before you can work.


Plan on a year and 200 hours, give or take 20 hours and two months, training five days a week, attending ground school five days a week, studying at home five days a week. Then you'll be thinking realistically.

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