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HH-60 Accident Report


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LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Va. (ACCNS) -- A less than optimum takeoff technique combined with an attempt to out climb a dust out with insufficient power caused the Aug. 12 crash of an HH-60G helicopter, according to Air Force officials who investigated the incident.


At the time of the crash, the helicopter was returning to its alert base

from a forward operating location after completion of a successful combat search and rescue mission.


According to an accident investigation board report released today by Air Combat Command, the aircraft's departure was slow which resulted in the aircraft being engulfed in a dust cloud created from its own rotor wash, reducing external visibility to zero. The pilot first tried to climb above the dust and then tried to land but impacted a sand berm.


The pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, aerial gunner, and two pararescuemen egressed safely with non life-threatening injuries.


The helicopter is permanently assigned to the 347th Rescue Wing at Moody Air Force, Ga., but was temporarily assigned to the 41st Expeditionary Rescue Squadron, 416th Air Expeditionary Group, deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

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Yes, you need to be positive in your take off in snow/dust/sand. The British Army had a Lynx crash in the desert last year in exactly the same circumstances. Luckily there was nobody hurt apart from the pilot who got a boot in his face as the aircraft commander climbed over him on his way out. Oh yes, and the wreckage came to a halt under the disc of another parked Lynx without causing any damage!
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