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Is there a way to relax the "flood control" thingy a bit? I realize the intent, but it is immensely frustrating to be working through the "view new posts" section and get the red warning just about every time.


Also, sometimes it takes well less than a minute to read and respond to a post - ZORCH theres the red banner again, into the penalty box for typing and reading too fast. :blink:


Any tweaking you can do, Rey? Perhaps take the times down to 10 sec and 30 sec?

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Also, how come the board never remembers my user name and password anymore?? Even if I click the "remember me" button, it forgets after about a hour of being gone. Sometimes it will have my user name and ******* for the password, but it will say "invalid password" if I login without retyping the password. The old board remembered my user name & password until I cleaned out my cache and cookies.

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I just changed it so VIP Members are not subject to flood control.


Also, the remember me problem could be your cookie settings. What are they set at? I also changed the time a cookie remains on your computer so you cannot be hijacked.




I don't think it's working Rey, I am still getting the flood control error on searches.

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