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go for broke or stick.

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Hi all,

I'm jumping the gun a bit with this one i know but hear me out.

so i've/you have finally passed your PPL and got the licence..yipeee.

now what? if deep down in your heart you want to go that step further and go for your commercial should you do it,if like me...it would mean going into debt.BIG TIME i'm talking £50k uk which i guess would be what $60+??? anyway it's a hell of a lot, but hey it's for your dream right?

so what a dilema. you've done the hard initial part getting your private licence,is it going to pay off going into the red that much only to find your still unemployable because of your low hours.

or should i / a.n other just build up hours with a ppl?

i know the answer if i had a barrel load of money..easy here's your 50k lets go fly.

but how many ordinary working class people with family's make this sacrifice? i know when already when the time comes what i'm gonna do, i just wanted to know if there was anybody else out there who had a story to tell about the sacrifices made to become a pro heli pilot.

The main question i'm trying to ask of course depends on individual circumstances,what i'd like to find out is just how far are people willing to go into the debt to realise their dreams?

flying especially in helicopters is like a drug, and one you never want to stop,but it's very..very expensive

I dont want to encourage debt,but surely it's a price worth paying if eventually it leads to a person living the dream.


safe flying



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i know things are different in the uk then they are here in the states but over here you can pay your dues low time as an instructor and build your hours rather quickly till about 1000. as long as you have your instrument rating you can find a good paying job without too much difficulty, alot of companys over here are hiring now. so if flying is something you wanna do just remember that if you went to a 4 year college your going to be paying in excess of 60k us. so you can spend it on flight training and be employable with 200 hours ( sometimes 300 ) then affter you build the hours to the 1000 ( sometimes less )you can apply for turbing jobs. good luck

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Hi warpig,

I realise that things are a little different over in the states,i guess there's more of a risk in the uk due to fewer flight schools plus the extra cost but as the saying goes "who dares wins"

i wonder is it purely the difference in fuel prices that makes the u.s so reasonable with flight costs per hour?

great to read your thoughts on the subject.





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