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Idiotic Pilots Cant Save Silver And Gold=IPCSSG


With the nemonic I used when studying my private, here goes!




I-Incidental work

P-Pro rata

C-Charitable Work

S-Search and recovery


G-Glider Towing




For Charitable work FP200ADT = FSS notification, public airpot and 200hrs experience, No aerobatics, Day VFR and Department of Treasury approved charity

For Glider Towing - only if certified by 61.69


There...Ktucker, I presume you are not a PPL holder yet (if you are then you should know this). This is from 61.113. Know it well, as it is something that will definitely come up in your checkride.



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Is there anyway that you can make any money with your PPL's only?
Lots of ways! I hear network management is a hot field right now, and of course the service sector is booming - lots of assistant manager jobs out there everywhere from Best Buy to Wendy's.


Oh, you meant "make money acting as a pilot while holding only a Private Pilot rating"? Not legally.

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