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Help fight childhood cancer


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I know this is not really related to helicopters, but it is for a good cause, so I wanted to post it. A police officer on a different board posted this, and I would like to encourage everyone to help out:


Dear Friends,


On March 3rd 2006, I will celebrate by shaving my head In Wheeling WV at the Wheeling park stone building to raise money to cure childhood cancer through an event called St. Baldricks Day and I ask you to support me in this worthy activity.


The first St. Baldricks Day was created as a result of a challenge among friends. Their idea to transform an annual St. Patricks Day party into St. Baldricks and raise $17,000 on March 17th for research is expected to raise $7 million in this, its 7th year.


Since its inception in 2000, St. Baldricks has raised more than $12 million and grown into the worlds best-known program for childhood cancer and its not surprising the cause is so compelling. Despite tremendous progress against the disease, childhood cancer remains the #1 disease killer of children. In fact, 22% of the children diagnosed today will lose their battle. Fortunately, researchers believe a cure is possible within our lifetime provided the funds are available to find it.


The St. Baldricks Foundation grants event proceeds to research organizations like the Childrens Oncology Group, whose 5,000 members and 230 institutions collaborate to speed progress against cancer more quickly than if hospitals worked independently; and to establish St. Baldricks Fellowships, to encourage promising new medical professionals to pursue pediatric cancer research as a specialty.


Unlike many of these children who face an uncertain future, I am lucky enough to know that my hair will grow back. So, if a little off the top will help save the life of a child, its a small price to pay.


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the St. Baldricks Foundation by sponsoring me to shave my head. To learn more about the event and the cause we support, visit www.StBaldricks.org, .


I hope you will join me In Wheeling on 3/3/2006 at 5pm to watch as I help shave the way to Conquer Kids Cancer!


Thank You




Remember, all donations are tax deductible, and no donation is too small.

To donate go to: http://www.stbaldricks.org/ShaveePhoto.asp...28098

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