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Schools near San Antonio, TX

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As mentioned above, Helicopter Experts is the one to go with. Stay away from SSH new braunfels, they will take all your money and provide excessive flight time over the period of a couple years. The other two schools mentioned are too far for a typical commute from the san antonio area. The guy running Heli-experts is very reputable, he is one of only two FAA examiners for rotorcraft in the san antonio area. He and one other instructor will be training you, so you know you will get the best training possible. I quite SSH and was going to transfer to his school but since I cant get my refund from SSH (see class action lawsuit) I cant get a replacement loan. He is up front with prospective students with absolutely no BS'ing like SSH does. I really wish I could get all this SSH crap resolved so I can go train with him. Very good prices, WAAAAY lower than SSH's total cost, pay as you go, no up front mess. You know you wont get scewed by this reputable pilot/owner. It is good to know you will be flying with a high-time FAA examiner pilot. Plus unlike SSH you know you will only be flying with one instructor or the other as opposed to the 4 different instructors I had at SSH New Braunfels within a 4 month period (which I had no control of).



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Yes, Mike will blow some smoke. Back in 02' when I went and visited his school when a CFI named Tony was there. Mike said if I trained with him he would have VA Pt 141 Inst course available by the time I got ready to start the course and Tony just gave him a weird look. I am glad I saw the look, cause they still don't offer a VA Inst course buy their website.


A word to the wise. Take extreme care in selecting and paying for flight training, esp with loans. People will promise the moon just to get you to enroll. I was looking for a good school that offered VA options.


Second, albeit you don't know David at Anythings Possible Aviation. He flys to San A. regularly and has other buisness aquit's over there.





Helicopter Experts, Inc. is approved by the Veterans Administration to train eligible veterans for the following courses: Commercial Pilot, Commercial Add-On, Authorized Flight Instructor, and Additional Flight Instructor. Veterans that enroll are required to fly a minimum of 6 hours per month and maintain satisfactory grades. The VA pays approximately 60% of the training fees to the applicant for helicopter flight instruction, ground instruction and solo practice. The VA does not pay the following: enrollment fees, books and training materials, medical certificate fees, knowledge test fees, and examiner fees.





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Thanks for the information. I've pretty much ruled out SSH anywhere given the information I've been able to gather from this and other boards as well as a few people I know that have or are going through SSH programs. I noted it since it was the only other school I could find near SA.


Currently, I live in California but due to circumstances my family is looking to move out of the state. My wife and I are researching a number of cities around the country that have heli schools nearby. We have just started to consider Texas since apart of the higher property tax we can easily afford a very nice home. We are also looking in the Austin area since there appear to be a few schools north of there. Brazos in Bruceville being one.

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