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Need some advice with all this helicpoter business?

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Im a student in the Uk at the moment. Iv already worked in a company that deals with heli spares but im not quite sure what point im supposed to start at when learing to fly? By this i mean what's the best school, which country to do it in, etc. Also is it worth gettin a fixed wing license first and then getting a HPPL afterwards? From what iv heard it turns out cheaper that way, again unsure about it. :unsure:

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yes it is cheaper to do fixed wing first, but... if you want to do this as a career you will end up with very few hours if you do the helicopter add ons.. again it will be cheaper but with the lack of hours you will be unemployable. alot of people go this route then realize the mistake afterwords. therefore, if you want to do this as a career go to a local flight school , ask as money questions like instructor to student ratios, availibility of aircraft , safety records, pilot hours and so on and so forth and focus on the helicopter ratings. i do know that the us may be cheaper for you as alot of students come over to the states to do training. good luck

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