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First helicopter flight

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I just signed up for my first helicopter flight :D . It will be in a Bell 47. I already have my airplane ppl. What should i know/ do to prepare for my first heli flight? I have been reading the FAA rotorcraft flying handbook.




Where are you taking this flight in the Bell 47? Great aircraft by the way.



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dont be nervous. i just started my training last monday. and i've been going everyday. i love it. but i just got to were im some what not scared outta my wits, were i can actually enjoy my lessons and pay attention to what i have to learn. . . i look forward to everyday.

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I noticed. The Helicopter and instructor are $260ish an hour. I was paying $125ish an hour for a Piper Cherokee.

Good Luck, make sure you keep track of all your flight and ground time. Some schools/instructors feel that they can get more money from you this way. Some instructors charge you for asking them a simple question when they are not on the clock and even if they are not your instructor. I was charged $50-$65 an hour for asking a question here and there. I am still trying to get my money back from this school.

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