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Looking for lease info for Schweizer helicopters...

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I've gotten some people looking for Schweizer training and most of those already had prior 300 time. There are a couple of reasons that we are adding 300's to the mix. First, the availability of IFR equipped R22's is pretty nil and doing the instrument training in a 300 is less expensive than using an R44. Second, if students coming through our program complete it ready to instruct in both the R22 and the 300, they will be more marketable when seeking a job as a CFI.


As for the search for another CFII, I was greatly underwhelmed with the number of responses from qualified applicants. I did not receive any more resumes than normal eventhough I posted announcements on both VR and JH. I receive 2-4 resumes a week, and unfortunately most do not meet the 300 hour minimum that Pathfinder has. I did however find a qualified applicant and he will be starting on March 20th.



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