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Helicopter flight school

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Hi I would love to learn to fly a helicopter. Problem is I dont know if I can justify it. Im 36, and although I am a private pilot I havent flown in years. Once I decided I didnt want to fly for a living it became a very expensive hobby.


That was a pretty long time ago though (15 years) and I really miss being in the air. I always wanted to fly helos, but could never afford the flight school. Now I can probably afford it, but if I dont want to do it as a career (at this point anyway) is there really any point?


Im not rich, so its not like I have a ton of disposable income although I do quite well. Kind of sucks though since it is something I would really like to do but maybe the cost and what I want to do with it dont justify it.


Anyone else been in this situation? Did you just write it off as a dream or did you go for it? I would love to hear anyone elses thoughts stories or experiences.



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You sound like you're in relatively the same boat I was a few years ago. Helos had always been a dream, and I've had my fixed wing for about 10 years or so.


Do this.... go take an intro flight in helicopters, then I think you'll find your own answer! For me, that first flight in an R-22 was magic compared with the fixed wing. If you're like me, you'll find the time and money to get the add-on rating (and brush up on your PPL) and fly enough rental to maintain your skills to a point to be safe. Now, instead of buying an airplane, I'm going to build one of these..... http://www.vertical-aviation.com/articles_reviews.aspx



I say go for it! You don't wanna wake up when your 80 kicking yourself in the a$$ for not doing it! :o


Good luck!!

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