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LAX Heliport Closure


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Subject: LAX - 401 Heliport Closure: January 21-24, 2003, from 0700L until 1600L Daily.


The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Heliport, located atop the 401 World Way, Terminal 4 parking structure, will close daily beginning: Tuesday, January 21 through Friday, January 24, 2003, from 07:00 until 16:00 local, Pacific Standard Time.


Background: The heliport closure is part of a LAWA Airport Maintenance Project facilitating concrete surface sealing, paint removal (bead-blasting) of old markings, and the repainting of existing heliport markings.


Safety Coordination:  LAWA Maintenance crews will place a lighted yellow closure 'X' over the heliport 'H' landing zone marking during the daily closures.  The sealing crew will delineate the sealant area with weighted 18" orange delineators connected with yellow caution tape.  The concrete area to be sealed is not available for any use (aircraft, walking, or vehicles) during the entire four daily maintenance program.  An FAA NOTAM will be issued to all LAX aviation users prior the heliport's closure. Please use caution.


If you have any questions regarding this maintenance project, please do not hesitate to call me, or the LAX Duty Superintendent of Airport Operations,

at (310) 646-4265.


Paul Greiner

LAX Airfield Operations

Construction Coordination Desk

(310) 646-4265

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