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Suggestions on Communications Equipement for a new helmet


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Hello Everyone,


Well I have made the decision to wear a helmet from here on out. I have never really like flying without and finally went ahead and got a helmet. I now am the proud owner of a Gentex HGU-84/P. What a great helmet. I like it alot, very comfortable. Have yet to fly with it yet though. I didn't get any kind of comm equipment installed because I have the Panther Electronics Custom Molded earplugs, the ones with the mic in the right ear and earphone in the left. I have decided I don't want to use these and would like to use a boom mic with regular earphones.


Can anyone suggest what they think would be the best to equip this helmet with. Mainly which boom mic? I noticed from flightsuits.com they only sell one type of earphone that is not ANR. They say that each earphone is 300 ohms. Earphones wired in parallel yield 150 ohms. Is this what I would need? I'm not interested in the ANR just yet. Maybe in a couple months/year or two when I can spend a bit more money.


I am intersted in getting a boom mic that I can attach a 3 led lip light to. Two questions on that. Which mic? I would like a noise reducing one. Also, what about the led's? I saw one that had two green and one white. Think that would be good?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Good choice in your decision to wear a helmet . As for comms, the 300 ohm earphone and the Electret mic work great for me. I also have a set of CEP (Communication Earplugs) installed in my helmet and they are great. I paid a little over $100 for them and installed them myself in less than 30 mins. They not only reduce noise tremendously, but they also make it a lot easier to hear the radios. I also have the Hush kit from Oregon Aero installed.

I have attached the sites for those here.





CEP website

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