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Experimental Helicopter

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Guest pokey

I would say safari is one of the "better" homebuilts--at least it uses the "ole" (ha ha) time proven lycoming engine, altho it is still a homebuilt/experimental. Read the posts about the exec and you will get a better feel of how these aircraft are looked upon in the industry.

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Guest pokey
Why are homebuilt helicopters looked down upon? Homebuilt airplanes don't seem to have the same negative feelings following them.



There are many, many answers to that Skier. and it depends also on who you talk to. Quite often fixed wing pilots walk in my hangar as they are wondering around the airport, they look at the helicopters (Hughes 300's) & everyone of them say the same thing "too many moving parts" ! Thats probably the single biggest reason ( altho not really true-because the engine is the most un-reliable part on these machines) And the homebuilts, ALL of the moving parts are really not "time proven"


I do give the homebuilder companies credit for the strides & innovative designs that they have come up with, the "cerfificated" route would not be possible due to all the testing & red tape the FAA has set up. Does that mean the homebuilts are less safe because they dont meet FAA regulations? I am not gonna touch that one w/ a 10 foot pole ! BUT? as i stated in my reply in the exec post, "YOU built it, YOU own it, --dont want it anymore?--get out the gasoline, hot dogs, marshmallows--and of course the beer"

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