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NY Crash of 300C


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I cant stand by these facts because I just heard them from some other pilots, so just through the grapevine as I fly relatively close to that area.  Pilot and photographer were on a photo mission, helicopter had engine failure and pilot couldnt make a clear area.  Helicopter was obviously destroyed but both men walked away.  I heard one was even treated at the scene.  Very happy to hear that they are ok.



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Interesting case.  If the needles never split, I wonder if RPM was still in the green prior to impact.  My GUESS is that it wasn't.  As a low-time pilot, I was trained for total power failure and other procedures, but I can't say that I was trained for PARTIAL power failures like this accident.  I wonder if this is a case of "take-too-long-to-think-instead-of-react-itis?"
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