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Is it possible?


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Alright, I have a color deficiency. I can't seem to get by this. My question is simple.


Could I still get a job in this industry if I'm not valid for night or by color signal control? How many of you have a CD and found a job? If so, what do you do?



Do you already have the restriction noted on your certificate?

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Yes sir, I do have the restriction on my med certificate. I haven't taken the light gun test yet. I have had a demonstration from the tower once already and it didn't go so well. It seemed the atc flashed that light so damn fast ... My partner couldn't really tell either. I'm wondering if the certified examiner would flash them just as fast. It'd be a lot easier for me to distinguish the light color if it were at least a one-two second shot rather than a 4-5 flash per second. Has anyone taken the light gun test yet? How fast do they flash that damn light?

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I too have a color deficiency and was able to get a sec. class medical and I now have my CFI(H). I have not done much flight training but I do fly the S-61 as SIC for Croman Corp doing logging and firefighting. Now as for the testing I failed the day but passed the night test. The testing of each signal should be only three seconds per light. You only get three seconds to look at each light that is. I was also told by the FAA medical division that you only get one chance to take the test. If you fail it your done, there is no retakes. They told me this policy went into effect as of Dec. 2001. They told me too many future pilots were cheating on the test so you only get to do it once. How you could cheat is beyond me. Any hope this helps. Good luck Fly safe.



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Steve's right, you only get one shot at it.


That being said, I would contact the tower manager directly and ask for a dry-run or two on your own. On a cell phone you could have them go slower so that you can get a better look. I'd also find out from the local FSDO what the actual requirement is as far as how long each different light is to be alluminated. Sounds like your quick flashes were a bit quick.


Anyway, like noted, while taking the actual test, you'll not have any time to think about the color, the DE will be expecting your answere within a couple seconds. However, with some practice, most guys I've talked to that had to take the light gun test said they were able to easily tell the difference after a little practice.


Only one chance, though, with the examiner.


The good news, though, is once you've passed the signal test, you'll get a letter from the FAA stating you're good to go forever, and you'll just hand that to your AME at medical time and you'll be issued a medical with no restrictions on the spot (assuming you have no other issues needing deferment).


Might I suggest speaking with AOPA about this as well. If you're not a member, you should be! What a great organization for GA pilots. The monthly magazine is worth the fee all by itself.


Good luck!

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