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Helicopter Pilot/Mechanic Fatigue


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Here is an interesting comparison: Being awake for 17 hours straight is the equivalent of a Blood Alcohol Content of .05% (about 2 beers). Being awake for 19 hours is the equivalent of being legally drunk in many states (US).


The FAA/OAS/USFS has placed limits on pilot crew duty time. The Maintenance Personnel have only recently started to have duty time limits. Maintenance Personnel are just as critical to helicopter operations as the Flight Crews. If a part is installed incorrectly because of fatigue to the maintenance crew, it doesn't matter how much rest the flight crews are getting, they may be dealing with an emergency situation due to fatigue on the maintenance side.


Just curious if any of you have stories about helicopter crew fatigue for pilots or mechanics/engineers (pilots falling asleep while flying, mechanics working through the entire night to complete a 100 HR then getting called out for a discrepency during the morning.)

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been there done that.


was working on a FW FBO in Virginia 11PM to 7AM was called out at 5:30 AM to fly to Dullas airport to service an a/c and the accopmany it back to base by the time it ws all said and done it was 2PM that next afternoon. and yes fatigue can be a huge facture if you don't have a fresh set of eyes to check what you've done.


I had the pilot check to see if he saw anything out of the ordinary (I explained what I did), which he didn't but he was there to check.


pilots get to know your mechanics/engineers they may need you too. (buy them a beer once in a while :D )

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I have worked a full shift at my full time job, 5:30 am- 5:30 pm, at the time, then gone and driven from there to my part time job- 30 minute drive- and worked until 7:00 am. Luckily the only thing I missed was hooking up a antenna! I have worked simular hours 5 or 6 times but haven't done it for a couple of years now. It isn't worht the risk.

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