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Applebee Aviation - Oregon

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I just ran across Applebee Aviation out of Hillsboro Oregon. Has anybody done any flight training, or has crossed paths with them? Their program looks interesting, and I wanted to see what others thought. Please help me out!

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Thank you for the link. In my search somehow I overlloked or missed that topic. It helped me out a bunch. I wish people would update or add reviews for the schools. It would help out everyone alot!

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No problem...

About the flight school reviews...

...I once complained a while back in these forums because, as I remembered, it seemed anyone could anonymously rate (i.e. - plug and/or slander freely) a flight school which was cause for frustration for prospective students using the flight school reviews. I remember seeing comments that seemed to repeat the same general theme. Those comments made me wonder if the people leaving the message had multiple aliases. Now I believe there is an evidence trail with what is in place here on VR...


That evidence trail causes another issue - The problem with that is that the helicopter community is small, and a reputation can really follow you around. ...Therefore it could be implied some people would rather keep a low profile when it comes to making comments about where they trained.

It seems best to know someone who trained at the school, shop, visit, and/or talk to the schools and instructors. When plunking down that much money, it only makes sense....


There was a thread or two around about the flight school reviews... Unfortunately, my search methods failed to turn up the desired results. :P Maybe someone else can do better.

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