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Los Angeles Area Flight Schools

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Hello everyone!,


I was just wandering if anyone had any recomendations on flight schools in the Los Angeles area. I know there are a lot of flight schools in the area and I have been doing a lot of research. I have also been spending a lot of time on Vertical Reference and I have recieved a lot of valuable information by reading forum posts and responses. I am currently considering doing my flight training at Van Nuys Airport and I was wandering which flight school would be the best at that location. I would also consider training at Long Beach Torrance, or El Monte Airports. To name the flight schools I have been considering would be; Los Angeles Helicopters, Universal Air Academy, Pacific Coast Helicopters, Group 3 Aviation, and Twin Air. I am hoping to get some insight on which flight school and/or location would be the best from personal experiences or word of mouth.


Any Info would be greatly appreciated.

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I recently Wrote this regarding Group 3 Aviation in another post:



The Operation is Extremely Proffesional. The school has a a small school feel where everybody knows everybody, while still having the resources of a large school.


The School Primarily flies the 300 For initial Training, although if you want you can fly the R22 also. Im planning on doing 0-200 Hrs all the way up to CFII And after my Private I will be working in the R22 For parts of my Comercial and Instrument to make sure I have 50 Hrs. to Meet SFAR73.


The School Is a Busy small school. But It being busy is fine. I have NEVER had a problem Scheduling an Aircraft due to too many students or Maintinence. Even when making changes the day before. All there 300's are Newer with about 600 Hrs. on The Hobs. All Fuel Injected, No Carburators. Im not sure on the age of the R22's or the R44's they have a couple but I dont know.


I came across this School because It was Local. I looked into Three Schools. Hilsborough Aviation in OR, and a school in long Beach (cant Recall the Name). I Had originally planed on going to Oregon, but after an Initial ride With the School I really enjoyed my Instructor and the feel of the school. I liked it being a smaller school and meeting the owner and his wife the first time I went in there. They both took an interest in my flying and Genuily(sp) cared.


The School Does not "Gaurente" a job They do however hire pilots that they trainied and dont hire from outside, Also When you are working on your CFI The Owner Will garuntee an Interview and work with you on your CFI to see how you are doing and see if they will hire you.


I hope I answered some questions. If you have any more I will be happy to Answer them or If you plan to go to the School Peter And Claudia the Owners Are great people and they may be able to answer more questions.

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Hi There Again Everyone! (and you to blckhawk)


I was on a long vacation in southern California (hope I wasn't missed to bad) with the joint purpose of visiting a fewflight schools. It was a total blast!!! I visited 4 schools in the area.


1. HeliClass


2. Rotor Aviation


3. LA Helicotpers


4. Civic Helicopters


I chose Civic in San Diego... Talk about a class act, I showed up without telling them I was coming, walked in the door and asked for a tour and I was really impressed. They own all their training aircraft and they are in perfect shape as far as I could tell, not even a scratch (which from what I've seen is quite a cool thing). Very honest approach from the surface. And they seemed VERY organized, and I was shown even more than I asked to see... Lots more here, PM me if you want more info...


HeliClass in Van Nuys, well, its a one man operation, not even sure if he has an office, he just met me and walked me to the helipad as he had a client waiting for him. Rents all his aircraft from the heli Co at the airport. He seemed nice and had alot of hours. But I want a school not a "seat of the pants" instructor.


Rotor Aviation in Long Beach seemed like a good school with nice staff and good location. Kind of small for my taste but great pricing. However the inside of their aircraft looked similar to an old VW my dad had, pretty dirty and the interior torn quite a bit. I would not be comfortable flying in them. Other than that I thought they were pretty good.


LA Helicopters in Long Beach was a top notch school as well from what I could tell. Aircraft were in great condition and the school was very organized with a nice facility. They wouldn't answer some of my pointed questions, either didn't know or didn't want to tell (the front desk clerk showed me around) But overall a great place, I talked with a few students who didn't even know why I was there and they had nothing but good to say about it. Probably a second choice to Civic for me.



Off the subject since I'm already posting here, DANG there has been alot of action here in the week and a half that I've been gone Its going to take me a month to catch up!



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I've been flying with Bob and Yoyo at TwinAir....no complaints, good people. I've heard nothing bad about Group 3...but I would definitely fly out of Van Nuys....good airport and tower..nothing like the busiest GA airport around to keep you sharp..

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Group 3 IS a good school. Peter/Claudia run a good business. With that being said, since they've had a couple of accidents lately, their insurance will probably go up, and will pass it on to the students(unfortunately, that's the name of the business....any school would do that). I flew there for a couple of years, they were always nice to me. No problem getting an aircraft too. I've switched, because of the commute. I fly out of Torrance at Pacifc Coast Helicopters. They're a good outfit too. No problem getting a R-22. They only fly R-22's. www.pacifccoasthelicopters.com




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