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Flight schools in Fort Worth, TX. area?

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Thanks for your post - that is good to know. This was not meant to be below the belt, just informative. It is public information. Some people care about things like this and others don't. I think everyone has a right to information, particularly when they are paying so much money to learn.


My apologies if I offended you.

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Thank you for the information, I will check out All-American as well. I'm looking to continue training in R-22's-I'm just partial to them. :)


As for the crash at Longhorn- both student and pilot made it home in one piece, and that's what counts. There was a similar situation at my old (current? undecided!) school in Hillsboro, OR, in 2008. From what little training I have so far, it's not a question of IF you have do do a full-down emergency auto, it's WHEN! Kudos to longhorn for preparing thier students for "the real thing!" :D

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