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Anyone from Las Vegas?

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I think if you were REALLY doing your research with a clear head, you would have dropped the thought of SSH the first hour you logged onto this forum. The companies policies are basically the same at every location. Dont be fooled by "nice people", everyone is nice when they want something, and some are extremely nasty when YOU want something from them in return. I think SSH falls into the second category.


Other than that, if you think all the SSH talk on this forum is just a few vengeful persons, then think of what will happen if (BIG IF) SSH succeeds and graduates all of their 3000+ students? You will be extremely lucky find a job, much less one that will pay lifes bills and the student loan. There is no way there are (or will be in the near future) 3000 helicopter pilot jobs waiting on people in this country. Just keep in mind the pyramid theory, true there are a few holes opening up at the top, but it sure wont be YOU at the bottom filling those holes. The competion is going to be tough at the huge base as well. There is an estimated 500-700 new helicopters shipped to the commercial market every year. Alot of these new ships are replacing outdated but still "operable" ones. On the same hand, a good percentage of those are replacements for crashed or heavily damaged and otherwise no-longer-functional ships. SSH is thinking they can produce one pilot for every ship built, and that ALL these aircraft (and more) are going only to THEM! Not to mention all the other schools that are producing quite a few heli pilots as well. So someones math is Way, Way, Way, off and most people here think you should go back to college instead.


BUT anything is possible if you try hard enough! Its just that you are going to have to try harder than everyone else, and I dont think any of your competition is going to cut you any slack! If I were still a student Ide be doing indian rain dances, praying to Allah (whoever that is), practicing voodoo, and making all sorts funky religious sacrifices on the alter so that the other students couldnt fly due to whatever reason. Those are really a students only hope of succeeding in this market, especially if for some odd reason SSH survives.

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