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Risk Management


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I've never heard the term before and I am not currently flying but I will give my interpretation for it just for kicks and for what most "average" ie non-helo pilots would think it was.  Risk management, managing risks??  For instance, you need to take off from a confined area, there is one open way way for a normal take off, gradually increasing speed, entering translational lift, etc.  but if you choose this way you are going to encounter ummm gorillas that may attack from the trees.  You could try a vertical take off but you are in a single engine turbine and you would be violating the big no-no area of the height/velocity diagram.  Or you could not take off at all.  Risk management would be identifying if taking the risk is necessary and if so minimalizing or choosing the least risky of the solutions or eliminating the risk such as having a gunner in the pax seat with a gun to shoot the attacking gorillas.  


Sorry for the cheesy interpretation but I couldnt think of any better way to put it.

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Guest Bob Feerst

Risk Mgmt. is a familiar term to us as we are frequently asked to audit helicopter operations and identify and engineer out as many of the risks as humanly possible. The process, in a nut shell, involves a thorough analysis of "ALL" the risks associated with a particular operation (both aviation and non-aviation risks)  Seperating the risks into acceptable and non- acceptable catagories, installing as many systems as practical (and cost effective) to engineer out or eliminate the risks, and installing an "Error management" system to trap the remaining error before it becomes an accident.

Youe local Insurance carrier may be able to shed a bit more light on the subject for you.



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