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Just got back from my first lesson

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Hey guys,


Just got back from what was supposed to be a trial lesson but turned into a full blown lesson after the instructor realised i wasnt just there for the ride.


Good news is that the instructor was very impressed with my flying ability and his words were, "You are a natural".



This is very encouraging to a 16 year old with a dream of a career in helicopters.


As soon as we left the circuit he gave me the controls, first the pedals, then collective, then cyclic. He saw that i could use all 3 controls comfortably at the same time and within 10 mins i had full control. I spent 5 mins flying straight and level and then 5 mins on turns, then descending turns etc. He seemed to be complinmenting no end which i was very pleased with.


He took the controls for the approch and taxi to the hover square...Where it got interesting.


I understood the sensitivity of the controls (cyclic in particular) and he hovered 10 feet from the ground and gave me control. I had trouble at first with keeping it in control and he had to take back the controls a few times. We spent about 10 mins hovering and nearer the end of this i was just about appriciating the controls a little more. It wasnt a perfect hover by any means, but it was kept pointing in the right direction, and at the same height, but not over the same spot.


In all i am very pleased with myself for a first lesson and it has made me eager to continue when the funds are a little more availiable.


Any comments on what i should do/remember/try next time would be much appriciated because i may book another lesson or two.




Richard S

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just 3 things








now go book another lesson :D

Yes, i must admit, that wasnt something that i was doing well :(


I'd love to book another lesson, but i just dont have the money :angry:

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