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AS350B3 CWN and Exclusive use daily rates?


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Does anyone know the current AS350B3 DAILY avalability CWN and Exclusive use rates? An avergae will do since they vary. I searched the websites and all I can find is Flight hour rates.

They vary because it is up to the operator to determine what kind of return he would like. CWN should start at 3000.- to 4000.- per day; Exclusive use 2500.- foe a 90 day deal.

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as already mentioned, the rates can vary substantially.

CWN rates range from the mid $3000s to the lower $5000s for the daily availability.

Exclusive Use is a bit lower. You'll have to spend some more time searching the pertinent USDA and USDI websites to get multiple contracts, but they will generally come in between approx. $2100 and @3000 per day, depending on location and contract length.

If you are using this info to write a business plan or convince a bank to finance a B3 for you, please also take into consideration that CWN is dead as we know it. This can change any moment, but right now things are not looking good for the traditional higher returns of CWN. So don't base your expense and cash-flow projections on expected returns off CWN work, cuz it ain't gonna happen.

I hope this helps

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