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Joe Shimer

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Joe passed away in 1990 but I am trying to put together information regarding his career and persons that knew him for his step-granddaughter. he was my step father for over 12 years. He bought my first horse, took me in my first helicopter, first small plane, first jet( non commericial). he encouraged me to be a thinking individual rather than a sheep in this world and I had deep respect for him despite the problems he had in his own life path.

I am trying to locate anyone that flew with him, knew him, knew what unit he was with in Vietnam, where he worked through the years


He flew rescue in alaska and he worked the pipeline

He flew for Tiger Drilling based out of Texas/Louisiana

he flew air support for forest/wild fires in california/nevada/arizona( not sure where)


His preference by far was for rotor craft, but he was a capable fixed wing pilot and flew those as well... he was known at least here in his final years for being somewhat of a daredevil but most pilots here felt that he had the skills to back up his flying

I was a child and teenager.. but it would seem he was not always real keen for rules


I do know that he was for a short time in the early 70's police office in california but had to leave the force in part due to some incident with excessive force

I am not sure but I believe he had family in both california and in north carolina


fancyarabs at earthlink dot net

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