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Final Checklist prior to training!

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Hi All


So, I'm just 2 weeks away from beginning training! I'm off to Oregon, via Hawaii, and going from 0 to CFII - God willing!!


I've studied the books, DVD's and other training materials Ive been able to get hold of. I've spent some time on the flight sim and I've tried to follow as many threads on several forums as time has allowed.


I thought I'd wait to buy a headset until I get there but was wondering if I should be considering anything else...


Anything else I should consider in my last minute preparations?




P.S. Any thoughts on what to do in Hawaii for a couple of days?

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Hi West Coaster.


I know you're adamant about helmets. I'd like to get an SPH-4B one day, but for now it's a DC headset from my earlier aviation days. I did have a goofy thought though.


I bought a motorcycle helmet( AGV Dragon) as an around town hardhat, but the visor lets the wind blow up under and blind me at speeds of 30 and up. I figure safety glasses might help. Anyway, I was looking at the DC website and saw that they sell parts. I got to wondering how, if possible, one might convert my helmet for comms? I figure that the parts might work with a little modification here and there. But I was wondering on your thoughts of a motorcycle helmet for flying?



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Enjoy the training and keep the forum posted on progress.




As for the MC helmet; unless you are daring enough to get on the matching helicycle, I wouldn't try to convert it. All sorts of reasons I wouldn't do it, but the first would be: was it designed, tested and qualified for flight? I haven't seen to many riders cruising the roads on the crotch rockets sporting the latest HGU-56. Depending on your height and type of helo you'll be in, go from there. I overhauled my SPH-5 to civil comms and ANR for turbines - in the pistons I shut the ANR off and listen to the music the engine is playing. Likw the main man West Coaster, I'm a big proponent of helmets for safety/survival/bird strikes, but I recognize others can't or don't want to do the same. Use the DCs for a bit and do the touchy feely thing with the helmets...at least one place on the web in the south orange juice state refurbs some late model Gentex series for a reasonable price and has a decent reputation. Don't be in a rush to buy. If going with a helmet (even if eventually), take a look at the Oregon Aero upgrades. That's where I INVESTED a bit of $$. Do some research and don't be in a rush.



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Well, I figure that an MC helmet was designed to protect the cranium against pavement at 60 MPH, and it ought to do well against hitting your head inside the chopper at 60MPH. Besides, it's made of thermoplastic...that has something to say.


I'll just do the headset fer now.



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