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Offroad Racing


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Not really a story, I was just curious if anyone here flies for any of the offroad racing teams in the southwest.  

I have been involved in offroad racing for over 10 years and have heard some pretty good stories from the chase helicopter crews.

It sounds like a really fun job, I would definitely like to do that later on in my career.



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They fly all types, depends on how much money they have.  One team owns an oil company and they fly an A-star (actually I think they have 2).  I have seen 206's, R44's, mostly light a/c, some teams rent a helicopter and a pilot for the weekend of the race.

They follow the offroad vehicles across the desert and give information on the vehicle to the pit crews.  They also take photo's and video.  Sometimes they deliver parts to broken race vehicles or assist injured people.  Also they have the best seat in the house for the event as they get to see the whole race.  In offroad events the courses are hundreds of miles long so the spectators usually only get to see the race vehicles once, unless it is a multi lap race, even then you only get to see them a few times.  Lots of fun.  

By the way if anyone is interested the Travel Channel will be showing the 2001 baja 500 on Saturday the 22nd(today) at 10:00 pst.  The show is called Ultimate 4x4's I think.  Kind of silly because most of the vehicles are 2 wheel drive.  


Ok I'm done :D

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I wanna know where they are getting there funding from they can afford to get their own helis.  You know what kind of hours they usually look for in pilots, hours they fly, etc?  Sounds like it could be a cool job.
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Those guys in that pic own an oil company, Terrible Herbst Oil, they just have lots and lots of money.  They race a Trophy Truck and a Class 1 buggy, each vehicle costs around $800,000 and they probably spend 150,000 per race.

Some of the other teams are factory backed by Ford, Chevy Toyota, etc.  The rest of them are just wealthy and do this for fun.

As for the hours that they fly, not many, it would have to be a part time thing.  There are only about 10 races per year and you would fly for about 6 hours per race.

The herbst guys probably fly more than anyone else because they take the helicopter everywhere, even when testing and prerunning between races.

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Just got back from the Baja 250 in San Felipe Mexico.

lots of helicopters, forgot my camera :angry:

3 206's,  1 md500, 1 as350 B2. Someone said there were 8 total but i didnt see the others


The Baja 500 is in May, I will take my camera next time.  I should be able to get some pretty good shots those guys are pretty crazy.

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Laughlin Video

Not much helicopter stuff here except for the 12 that were there for race teams.  I just thought it was a cool video if anyone is interested.  Takes about 5 min to download but it is cool, this is what I do so I get a hard on when I watch this stuff.  :cheers:  rotorheadsmiley


by the way if you want, you can find more at desertracing.com  scroll down to the bottom of the colum on the left and click videos.


I think I fixed the link, sorry if you had trouble with it

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