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UHI - Universal Helicopters Inc

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Has anyone trained with UHI in Long Beach, CA??? They have a Prof Pilot Program zero thru CFII for around $75K. That seems a bit high and their site claims all prices are based on the FAA minimums which I know most everyone exceeds so that price could increase.


Thanks in advance for any info.

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Thanks for info on Northernskies. That is definately a better price :)


Im trying to find a school in Southern California which wont require me to relocate if I can avoid it. Even UHI in Long Beach would be about a 1.5 hr drive for me 1 way.....not sure if thats cost prohibitive with the price of gas today....$3.29...ouch! Plus I plan on keeping my day job for the time being.


I have seen 2 reviews on UHI in the School reviews, 1 good & 1 bad but was wondering if anyone had gone to the school in Long Beach.

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