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Starting an ENG business

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I would like to start an ENG operation in my home town but have no Idea where to even begin. The City is large enough to sapport the operation and the is another large city 20 nm away. Neither city has an ENG aircraft and both have just started a major interstate repair which will take appox 10 years to complete.

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And where is this place?????


I'd start by talking to station managers and learning what they need-want-expect from a news chopper. How would you be able to feed live coverage? When would you need to be airborne? What about breaking news? Traffic reports can be handled by a newsvan cheaper, but what about pictures?


You might want to do the same with radio stations, or those who sponser the commute coverage. Talk with them and see what their needs are and see if you can meet them at a cost that'll be cost effective for them.


And since I gave you the idea, hire me first, salary negotiable depending on location.



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