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Robinson course.

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Nothing to be nervous about. It is just a good, informative course. Enjoy it and learn as much as you can. :)

Oh, I do have one good tip... It is a good place to network if you are looking to start your career. So meet as many people as you can.

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Exactly what nbit said, just RELAX. It's so informative, and it's amazing to go on the factory tour! I want to go back for the 44 course. I too was nervous, but you just settle in, cuz your talking about HELICOPTERS, the whole time. Tim Tucker might even go off on a tangent, and start telling stories....which quite cool, an amazing career he's had!


Let me know if you need places to go, see, etc. Torrance is 4 miles from my house. PM me, if you have questions.




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Anyone got any tips on the Robbie course in CA? I am going next month kinda nervous, kinda excited.


It's not a pass/fail kind of thing. Listen, learn, ask questions and have fun!

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What is the cost for the course?


How does one register?


Has anybody seen my car keys?



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