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Flight in HONG KONG

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I'll be visiting Hong Kong for a couple of days this week. I would love to take a helicopter for a fly around the island, but my pilot's licence is American.


What I've done in other countries is to fly as a student pilot, and have an instructor ride with me. That works very well, as they know about the local airspace, where to fly etc. In fact, I did this yesterday in Sydney - what better way to see the place than as a pilot of your own sightseeing flight! But so far I haven't managed to track down a flying school in HK.


Does anyone have any ideas about how I could do this, and who I should contact?


I may not check back into this site, and if anyone does have a top idea I'd be really grateful if they could drop me a line on angus_rodger@hotmail.com


Many thanks!



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Hong Kong Aviation Club is the only place that does flight training in Hong Kong.




Slots are tight as they only get use of a military field on the weekends. (+ that's when people are off work).


Don't know much more...I suspect that it would be pretty difficult to just do a 1-off trail flight...however, I guess they must do them.


There is one member of the club (not me) who frequents these forums. I won't disclose his name, but maybe he'll read this and feel like contacting you.





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