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Bell OH-58 category changing experimental to restricted

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Guest pokey

IF all the time component cards are there? i dont see why your local FSDO couldn't help.


over the years tho, i have had many discussions about "experimental" catagory,,,,, the bottom line is? either a homebuilt OR up to the local FSDO. If that doesnt work? try Oklahoma city, they are the governing office.


ie: Anyone ever try to get a "timed out" helicopter certified in the "experimental" catagory? I have heard some say it can be done, ( i personally wudn't even consider it) and would love to hear of anyone that has done it successfully. ( altho i will graciously decline a ride in it)

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If in experimental - no work for compensation.

If its in experimental , that may be all that it is elligible for here in usa.

some Oh-58's built under contract for foriegn military - so not able to prove TC conformance , thus experimental only.

There are several aftermarket TC's available for restricted opps , but only certain S/N ships will comply.

If ship has proper P/W a special use airworthiness for restricted opps can be issued if conformity is done with a DAR. Most aftermarket Restricted TC's only for certain type spray systems -- and may need a field approval for the spray sytem itself which is a big challenge these days, if no STC for it. Of recent most

letters of limitations - very limited agricultural opps only etc. and no congested area work.

Go with civ 206 -- better deal all around-- some have done well with the 58 , but bought in back when you

could get a ship up andgoing for 250 or less. <_<

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I am considering to aquire an OH-58 for aerial application. Most of the OH-58's that I have seen for sale are in the experimental category. How would I go about getting the category changed.


Call Vic at Aero Falcon in Porterville, CA

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I don't know how you get one converted to restricted cat. but you will have to. The last one I flew had a datta plate, that said Garlick OH-58. I can tell you this I have 11,000 hrs. ag time, have flown Hiller, bell 47, Sikorsky s55, Hughes 500, and the OH-58 is the best ag ship I ever sat my ass in.

Are you in the ag business now? Got lots of work?Got a platform truck? need an ag pilot?

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