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NVG : how much


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The price you are going to pay will vary with the model that you purchase and whether you get a new or a used pair, but look at $5,000 to $10,000. If you are wanting to use them to fly, then spend a few more bucks and get the ANVIS-9's and don't get the PVS-5's or the ANVIS-6. That would be like wanting to buy LORAN for your helicopter instead of getting GPS because you want to save some money.


Modification of cockpit lighting is almost 100% certain and no one will do that for free. What kind of helicopter do you own? There may be no approved modification for your bird and you may have to do the work and then get the FAA to approve the mod.


I'm not sure what the FAA's training requirements are, but after years of flying with goggles in the military, I can tell you that anyone who decides to fly with goggle without getting proper training is almost certain to wind up the subject of an FAA/NTSB accident report.



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