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Miami-Dade Police Aviation Unit

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Can anyone provide the departments or companies that provide airborne law enforcement contracts or positions to pilots who have not served the usual 3 years as a beat cop.  Just wanted to get in contact with some departments that hire non-police officers if there are any.  Thanks


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Maryland State Police Aviation Division

(410) 238-5800

Joe McNair, Pilot nobody11@juno.com :)

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:D OOPs.... was thinking Maryland State Police....Sorry...

Rick Kendall and Russ Talley are pilots there.

Metro-Dade Fire rescue

305 233-5000 :)

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Yes, Rick is with Metro-Dade Fire rescue, but I'm sure he would know who you could call at the PD. :)
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GCopter - according to my ALEA membership book the OIC is Lt Albert Middleton. Contact details are as follows:


13930 SW 127th Street

Building 123

Miami, FL, 33186

Tel: 305 869 1760

Fax: 305 869 1770


Hope this helps.


Heli Ops

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