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We have been using the HGU series Helmets from Gentex.  We were told by our distributer that Gentex was placing a life limit on the helmet of 5 years. Since all our helmets are 10 - 15 years old we are being forced to replace them all.  We are going with the Gallet helmets for several reasons.  One is no life limit.  You can change out the interior parts and you are good to go.  They are also much more comfortable.  I wear my helmet every flight without exception.  Even in the heat it is better than a headset in my humble opinion.  Most units I know provide helmets.  It is a liability issue.  If you go down and your agency does not provide a helmet they are opening themselves wide open in a lawsuit.
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We are issued Gallet helmets, they are very comfortable to wear and easy to clean. I have been wearing one of the Gallet's for two years and have no complaints with the helmet. I also agree that any person flying the law enforcement mission should be wearing a helmet. There have been too many cases of pilots/crewmembers getting injured or killed because of head injuries that could have been avoided of minimized by wearing a helmet.

My unit also operates 3 407's and we use the helmets in the Bells.

My helmet has also had ANR added to it, the 9volt battery sits in a nylon pouch velcroed to the outside (the pouch is the same type used to house the batterys on a lip light). The ANR was installed by Joyce Teletronics out of Clearwater, FL (727/461-3525). They do a great job, have good prices, and stand behind their work (and no I'm not affiliated with them nor do I get anything from them). The ANR is a lifesaver in our OH-6's and even helps quiet our already quiet 407's. I have found that a cheap 9 volt battery will last between 10-15 hours of use.

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WE fly with the Gallet helmet and it is very comfortable, but we do not like the cheap plastic chinstrap retainer snap.  I would much rather have a metal D-ring as the plastic retainer snaps supposedly broke under very low g's in testing.  No matter what though, I wouldn't fly a helicopter without a helmet.
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