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Hughes 269B

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Guest pokey

i seen that one on ebay too, just this morning as matter of fact ! i took quick look at component times, a few things i would question,,,,,,,, The B model is a good ship tho, i've had mine 15 years. The price seems a bit high & i would NOT recommend bidding on this ship w/ out a thorough pre-buy inspection !! I have also worked on these machines for close to 20 years & have seen wayyyyyyyy tooo many ships that the owner got a "rude" awakening when he brought it to me for a minor problem, annual, scheduled or even just a pre-flight inspection. It appears to already have a "high bidder" tho, and IF that is you?--make sure stipulation B4 handing over payment is a pre-buy, done by a qualified 269 mechanic.


BTW i like the A model for 110?!


and as far as an "owners group"? there was one a few years ago,,, never came to be much, there is another these days , but doesnt seem going to amount to much either:



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