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Hummingbird 260L


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Hi everyone


I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with the Hummingbird 260L made by Vertical Aviation Technologies.


If you have flown one, had a ride or seen it at any of the shows - that would be great.


I am particularly interested in the workings out for the full range of W&B

(Excel spreadsheet, perphaps ?)


Best regards B)

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Did you forget about your old thread paul? Looks like what most of the guys said here was what you were looking for, posts 11, 13, 15 & 16 all had good things to say about the HB.




Thanks for the replies so far


Hi Rookie101

1) No I have not forgotten about the old thread - but there has not been any activity on it of late.

2) Any new members to Vertical Reference may not have gone back that far on old threads.

3) I did ask on my last post "I am particularly interested in the workings out for the full range of W&B[/u]" etc

in the hope that there may have been some more info available.

4) The old thread topic made no reference to the Hummingbird, therefore anyone just scanning through the threads without reading each and every one of them would not know that this craft was even mentioned, hence the post specifically called "Hummingbird 260L"


I am interested in any more independant info from those that have been + seen the machine. Bit hard to do that from down-under. Anyone know of builders or builders web sites could they please reply with a link.

Already have all the literature etc from VAT


Regards :mellow:

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