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Hello? Silver State?


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A woman I work with got a call from Silver State asking her if she had received a DVD about the company. She said she had. They then asked if she'd be interested in applying for the flight acadamy.


Sherman, set the Wayback for February, 2006.


She had gone to the seminar in Salem, and her husband was interested in getting into the school. He filled out an application, and after about two weeks, he got a letter saying that because of his credit rating, they'd have to reject his application. She told me he was bummed for about a week.


Then a miracle happens!


Last week she received a letter and DVD from Silver State asking her to apply for the flight acadamy. She threw it away and thought nothing of it because of the credit rating thing-applying and getting turned down again.


Saturday rolls around and she gets a call from Silver State. The lady on the other end asks her if she had gotten the DVD. My friend says yes. The lady thes asks if she had sent in the application. My friend said no. The lady asks why, and she replies that if her credit wasn't good then, why would it be good now, and also that she had been hearing bad stories about the school from the net-and me-and that she wasn't interested in losing $70,000, and that if they call again, she'd inform the people who run that no-call list and have them fined up the wahoo! She then hung up.


She tells the story to me and I'm thinking to myself; You go girl, nice to see you have balls, you rock.


Oh, I'm laughing too.



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