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week on/week off companies

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I'm creating a list of week on/week off (or 2 week on/2 week off) helicopter operators. This list is for those pilots tired of working 7 days on/7 days on.


If you know of any please post it here.


So far I have:


Omniflight EMS

Air Methods

Corporate Jets

Papillion Tours?

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Strictly speaking. we're not "7 & 7" (although my base is "7 & 7), but most EMS operations are "one for one", ie you work six duty periods, then you're off duty six 24-hour periods.

If that's what you're looking for...

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I may miss a few, but the major players in the GoM are PHI, Air Log, Era, Rotorcraft Leasing, and Evergreen used to be one. There are several small companies around also, including Houston, Industrial, and some others. There used to be more, but mergers have lowered the number a lot.

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That reminds me, apparently Island Operators also apparently have at least one helicopter, or did. It had an incident the other day, reported on the FAA preliminary accident site, and the registration is listed as Island Operating Co.


Chevron and Taylor Energy also have their own fleet, but I don't know for sure what their schedules are.

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