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Don't lose hope for flying

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Hi all.

This is more in sentiment than information, but I have to say a big thank you to every single person in this forum. I've wanted to fly since I was about 12 and took my first plane ride and helicopters quickly replaced planes. I have a company that can help others get their medicals if you happen to be in a situation such as myself. You have to PM me as this is not meant to be an advertising slogan, just an appreciation for the help that I've received and I feel obligated to share it. I ran into some medical trouble in high school and whatnot, failed two medicals for BS reasons, but I'm finally back on track with a little...wait...a lot of help and support from others, especially here.

So Thank You very much for all the information and support from just reading all the posts. I should hear back on my medical in a couple of weeks and, with luck, be flying by the end of the year. I can't wait to officially join this elite "club" of helicopter pilots and start my training and career! Don't lose hope in your dreams. A little effort and work makes you appreciate it all the more. Don't give up!!!!


Thank You very much, Joel R.

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