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What I think is wrong with this site

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● Web site layout

○ totally ridicules, take the forums for example.

■ They are easy to navigate around

■ Easy to subscribe to for notification of subjects your interested in

■ You know immediately when you login if there are any new posts since the last time

■ It's almost if someone used common sense!!!

● Moderators and Administrators

○ I have no idea where to start on these, guess I'll limit it to one subject

○ Take support issues, like the one that MR November is having with the pics

■ They jumped right on the problem!! You'd think they care! When was the last time you had an IT tech not tell you it must be something you did!! “ There is nothing wrong with the software or how it was set up.” is the standard response. Not this quick response with an explanation you get here!

○ I know, I know. I said I'd only take one issue, BUT, they even ASK FOR INPUT!!! What is the world coming to when your given respect like this ?!?

○ O Yea, They even MODERATE the forums!

● The community

○ Whoa! Don't know where to start here.

○ Global for one, You get point of views and experience from all over. You got to watch it or you might learn something!

○ Encouraging...Whats with that!! No big heads and they try to help us newbs out with real advice and keep our dreams alive no mater how old you are!!!!


Dang, If it wasn't for the fact I am in the middle of re-writing my resume I'd probably keep going on about the odd ball happenings here at VertRef. It bothered me so much that I had to stop what I was doing to write this post!!


● O Yea, Another thing, ADDICTIVE. More so than the two and a half packs of non-filter smokes that I quit going on 32 days now!!!



On the serious side,

To the moderators: Ya'll keep up the good work here.

To the experienced members out there: Thank you for the good advice you all spread and the encouragement. It means a lot to some of us out here that thought they lost a dream.


Thank you all again.




Keep it dirt side down and sky side up. :D


:huh: “ What do you mean Wrigley's spearmint gum is unauthorized for fuel line repair?!?!” :wacko:

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It's kind of like having a helicopter on a clear day with full bags and a broken Hobbs...with ATC asking if you'll let them work you as traffic. As always, well done Rey!



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Vertical Reference Community,


I completely agree with DeltaMikeCharlie! This is a FANTASTIC website! Thank you to every body involved incuding everyone who posts on these forums and especially the administrators - thanks for making this all happen. I've never seen a better, more user-friendly website.


And to DeltaMikeCharlie, kudos for saying "Thank you". We are so quick to complain when things go wrong, however, the greater injustice is that we are so parsimonious in expressing gratitude when things go well.


Thank you everyone for your insights!!!




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