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USAF flight training

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I know there are some former/current AF helicopter pilots here, so my question is, do you guys have to fixed wing initial training first before going to helicopter training? Does it work differently between the Air Guard and the Active AF (like if you were to join an air guard helicopter unit, would they just throw you into the helicopter cockpit since thats what you'd be selected to fly)?

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Hi AndrewT.


I can't really answer your question because I'm not American. But I'm selected to fly helicopters in the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF). In Norway we have to graduate from a flight school before we can deside what type of a/c we wanna fly. Either fighter, multi engine or CHOPPER (Amen). I'm really looking forward to start flying the TH67 at FT. Rucker in two years!!!


Chop Chop Chop... Low & slow

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