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From the street to the air

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Hey fellow coppers........I'm a patrol sergeant in TX and have been on the street for the last 8 years. I'm half way through with my Commercial/CFI & I/R.   My dept does not have an air unit and I'm looking for a dept that won't make me stay on the street for more than a year or two before transferring into the air unit.  I'm coming up on 37 YOA and not getting any younger.  Anyone know of any agencies looking to laterally transfer officers in to their departments and then to the air unit?
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I would suggest becoming a member of ALEA ( Airborne Law Enforcement Association) www.alea.org  They are a great rescource and are a wealth of info.  They also have a data base you can search of over 147 agencies world wide with 32,000 facts and figures.
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