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I am doing some research and am looking for your opinions. This is your chance to tell me how you see how flight training should be. If any of the current line pilots have input I would value those also. If you do not feel comfortable about posting on the web you may email me at scottsl4@msn.com.


1) Why did you choose the school you are attending or about to attend?

2) What do you feel is the most important aspect of the school environment? This can exclude quality instruction as that is a given.

3) How does the surrounding community impact your decision to attend a school?

4) Do you or would you take advantage of student housing?

5) Do you find simulator training helpful in instrument training? If so what types of devices have you used?

6) What are some frustrations you have about your current school?

7) How often do you fly?



Thanks for any input you can give me.



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1) The instructor was former CP for VIH, and a 15,000+ hour pilot with vast experience and highly regarded as one on the best pilots & instructors in Canada. The use of the R-22 and B206 was icing on the cake for me.


2) Having instructors who are truely interested in being career instructors vs using it as a stepping stone to something "better"


3) Couldn't care less


4) If I wasn't married... absolutely


5) It was ok, but nothing prepares you for the hood! We used some Fraca model, can't remember which one though


6) It's all good!


7) One to two hours a day, 5 days a week (weather permitting)

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1. The laid back atmosphere was what I like about my school. There is a lot of flexibility in scheduling and training. Being in college i like traveling to the airport and being in a different environment, rather then an academy style. The type of training aircraft, abililty to select my instructor and train with whom I like, and proximity to home were factors as well.


2. Safety and and instructors who enjor instructing


3. Didn't come into play during the selection process, but I am glad i am training in a delta environment within 45 minutes of a bravo.


4. If I was close to home, I would have lived in the student housing. A school should at least have housing advice or reccommendation if they don't have they own housing. My school offers a vehicle to those in the housing... good idea as well!


5. My school does not have any sim or even helicopter instrument training, but i built instrument time elsewhere and did spend some time in a flyit sim. It was nice for practicing an approach right before the real thing, but I found it much harder to fly then the real thing. Besides saving the student a bit of money, I see no other real advantage.


6. Sometimes when training with a different instructor, methods of teaching somewhat vary.


7. 5 hours a week.

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Have you noticed that West Coaster and HeliZach look alike?


1) Chose it because it's small, uncontrolled, and only 30 miles away. If I had been accepted into the SSH "Flight Academy", that drive would've been 65 miles.


2) Small and easygoing people. No flightsuits and the line guys like to talk to ya. Plus I'm the only helo student right now.


3) Being in a smaller town and having little traffic-except combines- is great. I like the ride too.


4) I own my house. It needs a new roof too.


5) Well, since my school doesn't have a simulator, I can't tell if it's usefull or not. I wonder if can use the simulator at SSH?


6) The only frustration I have is that 41J keeps going in for some sort of maintenance and I can only fly 85T. I'm used to 41J.


7) So far about 2- 2 1/2 hours. I was hoping for four but that's not happening right now.


Oh, did you want the name of the school?



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