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Anyone have any experience with Aviation Specialties Unlimited in Boise,Idaho..??


Check out thier website,the instructors have a very impressive amount of experience and i would think the training area would offer different challenges as well.


Anyone...???? :)




This should of been in the training forumn...oops....

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First let me say that I've been lurking here for about a year. I've learned a LOT and have tried to pass it on to my fellow students and instructors at Aviation Specialties Unlimited as a valuable source of information concerning this industry. The contribution of knowledge that the steady posters make here (you know who you are) has been very very generous. Feel the love.


To answer your question...I've been training with ASU since August '05. I accomplished my Pvt in Dec 05, Instrument today (YAY!), and will be getting my Commercial checkride tomorrow within 128 hrs (Wish me luck). Their ASU-NVG.COM website is straightforward. The people there are great sticks IMHO.


Do not be disappointed if you do not get a lot of responses to your question...reason being is that I am among the first of a dozen students (up to 20 now and climbing) that are blazing a new trail for them in their endeavor of a 141 Flight School from 1st Intro Flight to ATP. But for the last decade they have created a specialized niche for themselves in NVG Flight Training, Sales, and repair (the mainstay of their business). I'm glad to be a part of their growth. Give them a call or visit.

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Let me just first say that the helicopter industry is small, so saying anything negative is never smart in an attempt to keep bridges intact and keep a network of people happy and positive. Yes, went there for private add-on. Head flight instructor is top quality, I wish I could have him as a flight instuctor as he has been instructing many years and is very good. Other guy cares more about his soon to be career in turbine helicopters than what flying you're about to do. He talked about what a "toy" the 300C was and how it isn't a "real" helicopter because it has drive belts. I couldn't stop laughing at him on that one for days. I'm sure that is typical of most young flight instuctors. They don't appreciate the aircraft on any level but their high and mighty pilot seat. They had no idea how to deal with me as an add on student. They were so focused on part 141 bull crap that they couldn't understand the differences that I would present. I had to attempt to tell them the regs each time I flew. Otherwise typical preflight/postflight nonsense that most schools present due to their syllabus. ie.. requiring you to calculate every flight weight/balance, hovering ceilings, etc... I'm not saying those things aren't important, but if you can demonstrate a profound knowledge of what the purpose of that is I do not feel it is necessary every time when the training profile and weights are the same. It basically didn't work and I had to seek a different situation to finish. Their facility is minimal as far as a flight training school. They have a small office in their hangar dedicated to flight training, the majority of the operation is night vision goggle stuff and STC's for aircraft. The training environment in Boise is good. There is lots of desert open space and mountains nearby although no one I talked to had taken the aircraft above 5000 msl. The nearby mountains reach 7500. If you're in that area, there is not much choice, especially in the schweizer. Silverstate is next door, and another robinson school is at a different area airport. If you want more detail or specifics feel free to pm me. They are a good school, just didn't work for me and I am picky. Just trying to be open and honest

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