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Recent flight time?


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I hope you all can help me here. I really want to get into full time flying, but most of my recent time is fixed wing. I would have thought that 2500 total hours would be a good thing, but lack of recent heli time seems to be hurting me on the job hunt.


Are there any companies that might consider me that have a good recurrency program? Should I take a week and go hit all the GOM companies in person? Or, what I think might be the best option, take a CFI course, which does not help with a lot of current time? Any and all help is appreciated.



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All the GOM companies are hiring as fast as possible. There is a big shortage, but close to half the pilots hired are washing out or quitting in initial training. They either can't fly, or go somewhere else for more money.



So what is up with the one's that can't fly? And what about the one's that take other jobs? Are they using the companies for training and not taking the job?

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