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More Cabri G2 Photos

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Found these photos.


Cabri G2



Also this was a good video of a paragliders, approx 19 mins.




Thanks a bunch for that paraglider link, the vids are great and the game that guy has on his site was pretty fun trying to figure out.

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Hey all,

The Cabri G2 is alive and well in Europe. They are still developing it. They are now night VFR cert'd working on pop out foats and A/C options, that's right A/C!! I don't know if it will ever catch on here in the USA, but they are claiming it's a far better trainer for the larger Euro heli's by cutting the solo time down from 15 or so hrs Robby trained pilots to just 2-3 hrs trained in a Cabri G2. This video is kinda exciting, just wish it wasn't such an expensive trainer option.


2010 Looptv link

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Looks like Precision in OR, Midwest Helicopter Academy in IL and Texas Rotorwing Academy in Beaumont TX are the first to operate the Cabri G2 here in the states...


Enstrom is developing the TH180 and Robinson has stripped out a Raven I for training dubbed the Cadet, a 2 seat 44 airframe..


If the economy IE oil industry ever picks up might get interesting...


Wished I had taken bets on that bird coming across the pond, I just had a feeling about this bird. Price per hour is between that of a 300c and R44.







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